Lingering in a thought about you makes me pause and wonder what you would be like now. Would you have gone to college? Would you have gotten married? So so many questions that come to my mind when I linger in  thoughts of you.

Lingering at a photo of you – can’t quite do that yet. It’s been six years since you left this earth and to still look at your picture is quite painful. Even thinking about it now brings a stinging tear to my eyes. You were so lovely. So beautiful. And I loved you beyond measure – as a mother should. You brought life and lite into my life and I am a better person because of it.

I’m a better nurse because of you. I’m a better mentor because of you. I’m a better writer because of  you. And this I know for sure, God gave you to me to make me a  better person. I’m so glad it took almost 18 years for it to work, but as I linger about you in thought, I wished it could have taken a little longer. Saying goodbye wasn’t an option. I just simply said “do your homework”.

Brittany I have figured it out. I’m here for a purpose and I’m fighting the battle like a true warrior. I’m standing in the truth that God is good and he blessed me with you. And he continues to bless me each day by opening my eyes to what I can achieve. But my sweet baby – it was you that made me who I am today. As I sit here lingering, with a tear dripping on the keyboard, I feeling nothing but love and peace.

Until next time,


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