Be careful not to look deeply for the things that cause sorrow for they are buried along with the memories and laughter. Only proceed if you’re willing to go the distance. The journey is a lifetime and the days can be filled with sunshine or rain. The most difficult hurdle is not knowing the difference as seen from the outside. It’s one step at a time with one foot in front of the other. The timeline is undefined and the outcome can only be measured by the love you have in your heart.

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Thank you very much for this message which has exactly explained in such a clear and beautifully written way, the precise pain am going through with my grieving and my dwelling on memories which have made me very tearful day and night. Thank you so much for helping.

  2. Thank you Sarah for reading my blog. It has always been my hope that it gives some one hope, insight, peace but I also recommend seeing a professional for prolonged grief. It truly helped me. Blessings to you.

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