Right Focus

I recall over the past 10 years since my Brittany left this world for her Heavenly home only just a few special messages or books that have made a significant impact on my journey. I’ve written about them often as I do believe those of us on this journey need a reminder often about where we need to focus in order to keep our eyes on where we are going and not to spend too much time on where we have been. Here is why that is so important.

Recently I listened to a podcast called “See The World Through the Eyes of a Lion” from Northpoint Ministries and the speaker was talking about looking through the lens of faith when it comes to our journey. By using our faith lens, we can see what the human eye cannot see or experience. Trials will come and if they haven’t already in your life, now is the time to prepare. And if like me, you have had a trial or many trials, then our focus is on what lies ahead not behind. The speaker stated “this life is just the pilgrimage” that we need learn with a spirit of expectation.

I know for me personally, that Brittany is where I’m going and my focus should be on the journey to where I’m going, not where I have been. For when my focus is what lies behind, I tumble. I free fall even at times forgetting my purpose, my journey, my expected future joining my beloved Brittany, my mom Judie and the many others who have passed into Heaven. What a day that will be.

He also talked about the “new normal” and I know that is not a term new to us grievers. But to look at your new normal for what ministry potential it carries. For me it has been sharing my journey. Even when it looked bleak and when I was in what I call the “dark times” where I couldn’t see past one hour of each day. God uses our pain for a purpose. It is an honor to be trusted with this pain. That was a difficult thing for me to hear because I am like why would God want to entrust me with pain. He went on to clarify that God entrusts those who will take that pain and turn it into purpose. To help others see the way through the hard times.

God used Brittany to open my eyes and to help others. This I know and understand to be true. But by no means does this reduce the magnitude of my grief. And it especially does not dismiss it. I continue to have have bad days. I have days when I just want to sit and weep for what has been lost. So much has been lost. Yet, God reminds me daily through various ways that my purpose is to be a light for those who cannot see their way through the dark days of grief. To offer hope when hope seems all but a glimmer.

We grievers must stick together like glue. To continue to support one another in our grief. To lift each other up to God in prayer for comfort. This I promise you, I will continue to pray for all of you that God will provide comfort. To give you peace and to those who are with you along your journey.

Until next time,


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