One of my most meaningful Good Friday memories happened at Grace Church in Carmel, Indiana. We chose to reenact the events that led to Christ’s death and resurrection. There were multiple rooms or stations where you could experience one part of the story. There were several that stick out in my mind today:

The Last Supper: the food did not taste too good, in fact I recall it was very bitter. But in prayer and meditation I could imagine sitting at the table with Jesus and enjoying the company and conversation.

The Cross: I was brought to my knees and cried at the cross as it laid across the platform of steps in one room. Simply displaying what we all know it meant. I recalled in that moment Brittany’s death and hung onto the fact of what I knew Easter means – Christ’s resurrection and the understanding that I will see my Brittany again. I imagined her sitting with Jesus at that moment and my life changed in a moment. I was able to breath again.

The Foot Washing Station: This was a humbling experience. While I opted not to participate I watched as many of the volunteers washed the feet of many. Including a Colts football player. I was struck by the sheer joy of those who washed feet and the humbling looks on those who were receiving such a peaceful moment by a giving spirit.

I tried to imagine myself in each scenario and meditated and prayed.

I was a changed person after this experience and grateful to Grace Church for being bold and showing us how to “feel” and “touch” Good Friday.

Many Blessings and a happy Easter.


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