Writing a book about my journey of loss and beyond has finally happened. I am a published author. I’ve worked on this book for 10+ years now. It was birthed from this blog and represents my journey from beginning to where I am today. I have so many to thank who have helped me along the way. But mostly, I want to thank you, my followers. Some of you have been with me for a long time. It’s not lost on me that you stayed, you read and sometimes even commented.

I pushed a lot of this content over to my FaceBook Page (under the same name) to help others who may not have found my blog. I’ve gotten so many comments and notes of encouragement to write the book and now it is finished.

The hard copies will arrive Thursday. That will be a joyful, yet sorrowful moment. It’s taken me years to finalize my thoughts because I wanted to get it right for you. I wanted to make sure you found it helpful as I found many other authors before me.

In the meantime, you can purchase the ebook or print version from the link below. I’d be honored if you chose either or if you chose to just stay with my blog – that is ok too. There is more content and context in the book as I walk through my journey both past, present and future.

I’m forever missing my Brittany and she is with me always. She has guided me through and while at times, felt alone and she was silent, I waited patiently for the right time to push forward. Now is that time.

Until next time,




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