I got the best card today from a student who my daughter went to school with. She is now attending college and felt moved to write me and tell me her feelings about Brittany.

Here it is in part:

…It’s impossible for me to imagine the extent of sorrow you have felt in Brittany’s passing…for me to understand the dark corners and distant dreams – like feeling that has crept into your life. But please know that you and your family are in my thoughts. …. And that Brittany’s memory will never die.

Brittany and I met through theatre.  I was struck right from the first time I met her about how friendly, accepting, an loving she was. Despite anyone else’s attitude towards a person, Brittany was very independent and would accept the person for who they truly were. This always impressed me a great deal.

I only wish I had known Brittany better in the years we shared together at school. And I’ll never forget how she would come up to me and hug me warmly whenever she saw me. It was so very sweet.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate her presence in my life. For me this is not goodbye, because I believe I will encounter her in the future…in memory, her impact on the world and one day when I pass on myself…

What a wonderful testimony to my daughter’s impact on this girl and many others with whom she came in contact with. We will never know the extent of how many lives she touched until we see her again in heaven.

Many blessings to you all. God continues to work on my heart and the healing that needs to be done. The road is long and I am ready for the journey.

I miss her so much! But she needs me to keep going and telling her story! This is my purpose, at least for now.

until next time,



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