Today I heard on the news that hugs were very popular with the younger generation. I’m thinking, I am pretty fond of them myself. But what was so disturbing is that the school system mentioned in the piece was trying to stop hugs from happening. Seriously, I’m thinking to myself – “aren’t there more important things we should concerned about in our schools than students showing love and support for one another”? Shouldn’t we be focused on the students who are failing in school, or the bullying that occurs in our schools (that schools turn a blind eye to). Or maybe even the students who are coming to school hungry, with no clothes to wear or a place to live”.

But no, they are focusing on keeping students from hugging everyone. How incredibly stupid, insensitive and unbelievably idiotic it sounds. I do hope the school administrators where watching the evening news and I do hope that they saw how misguided their attempt sounds and that they will focus on the more important issues facing our  schools today.

I remember so vividly the hugs of my daughter Brittany. How my empty arms ache now at the absence of her. I never knew how much it meant to me, those snugly little hugs, until they were gone. I miss her so much it hurts, but I live on to continue her love and hopefully one day to love again.

I say – go out and hug someone today. Show kindness. Show love. Pay it forward. Ignore random acts of stupidity.

until next time,


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