Let her see you laugh…

Below is an excerpt from my book that I am currently writing about my experience with grief. I felt very compelled to show this to you as I have someone that I know is struggling with grief and loss and it is my hope that this special message that I received in the weeks after my daughter’s death can bring some peace to her.

A Special Message

God sends you messages all the time – it is our choice to listen.  One came my way the other day from an unexpected source.

“I woke up today thinking of you.  I just wanted you to know that even people who don’t really know you are still praying for you.  Once all the family has gone home, and life tries to go back to “normal” that is when things become the toughest after losing someone.  I’m sure your days are filled with such sadness that I cannot begin to understand.  I had a thought I wanted to share with you.  During your days, if you see something or hear something that is funny, remember to laugh.  Brittany might just be up in heaven sending things her mom’s way to remind you of her.  Let her see you laugh. Just imagine your mother filling her in on all the things you might have done or said as a young girl that you may have forgotten while going through Brittany’s teenage years. Imagine them comparing stories, laughing together and dancing.  What a joyous occasion awaits you one day to reunite with them.” – friend

I knew God was working on this person’s heart to send this message – He knew I would read my email – and possibly not be listening for His voice. He chose this way and it worked. I believe  God chooses “messengers” to deliver his answers or messages. There were many days when I would ask God a question and the next day get the answer through a person who either sent a card or an email.

Something to think about if you know someone is hurting – that a letter or an email may be just what they need to help them see some glimmer of hope.

until next time


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